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Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Easter is one of the most common times worldwide for people to attend church and consider who Jesus is. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of Easter or why millions of people celebrate it each year? We have a reading plan from YouVersion that breaks down the meaning of Easter and who Jesus is.…

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Don’t Watch Church Online

If I could ask anything of people, it’d be that they never watch Church Online. I love it when I hear a person say they attend Church Online. Why? Because when we attend any event – be it a baseball game, a concert, or a birthday party, we are fully engaged. We are present. We…

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Today released our latest worship EP, Savior Forever. Savior Forever examines the idea that God is continually pursuing us, even when we fall short of pursuing Him. This song is all about celebrating Christ’s victory over sin, and his victory over us. That’s the heart of the accompanying resources available for you on Open…

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At, we will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ. That means to reach people know one is reaching we’ll do things no one else is doing: This March, God did incredible things at We are believing April will have even more amazing stories of His faithfulness. Will…

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Volunteering in 10 Minutes a Week

Social media is a great way to stay connected to your community. You can find out when your favorite band is coming to town, decide what color the dress really is, and post your best selfie. Did you know you can take 10 minutes a week and volunteer at Church Online? That’s right. Volunteering on…

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Talk About It: Much More

This week’s Talk About It is coming to you from an airport terminal. I’m on my way to India, Bahrain, and the UAE to visit volunteers and celebrate what God is doing around the world. Did you know that we have volunteers in 26 countries? God is reaching the world through Church Online. We have…

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Articles From This Week's Message Articles From Our Community Articles From Around the World